What are the things you need to consider before buying camping hammock

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So, you’ve decided not to go on a camping trip the way you used to? You don’t want to carry heavy tent and tons of other things you need to set it up? Do you want to try camping in the hammock? Great! But, be aware of few things before you just rush in and buy the first one you like. Camping in the hammock can be way better than in a tent, most of all because you will sleep on a cloud instead on a ground and you could stretch as much as you can. To make your experience with hammock perfect have these things in mind.

Camping Location

1If you are planning on a camping trip and you know exactly where you are going find out what trees that have. This way you’ll know what kind of hanging kit you need. You don’t want to hurt a tree with your hammock. Most of the manufacturers have this in mind. In last few years, all of them developed systems with wide webbing straps that leave no trace on the tree surface. But since there are different kinds of it, you should take one that fits the location. This way you’ll avoid having too much rope or falling down once you hop in your hammock.

Another factor that location brings is the amount of mosquitos and other annoying insects. If the area you are going to is well known for bugs you should find a hammock that goes with a bug net. Some hammocks have a bug net built in with a zipper on it, but if not then you must look for the alternative. It’s good buying one that already has it just in case. You never know what could happen once you are out there.


2The biggest downside of using a hammock instead of a tent is that the hammocks are not well protected from rain. Some models come with a rainfly that can protect you from getting wet. Basically, you need to put a nylon sheet over your head that way it covers the entire area you are at. Some people go with the logic that trees will guard them against getting soaked, but don’t be foolish, it’s smart to have a backup plan and something that can really protect you.

Size of the hammock

ffTents come in a variety of sizes from a single to four or five persons so you can easily have one for more people, but hammocks are not for more than two people to be inside. So, think about will you save space and share it with somebody or you will have it just for yourself. Being in a hammock with someone can be very good when it comes to keeping heat during the night, but if the person you are sleeping with likes to roll in their sleep or has to get up every now and then you won’t be able to sleep for sure. If you are buying the hammock to be used for a longer period of time, you can take double just in case. If there is no-one to sleep with you, you’ll have the king-size outdoor bed just for yourself.

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