How to keep your hammock safe while you’re traveling?

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Worrying about your stuff is normal, everybody cares about things they buy and love to have for a long period of time. When you are all about getting a good rest in your favorite hammock it’s normal to desire to have it till the end of your life. Yes, it’s not possible having one object for so long, but keeping it in mint condition for as long as possible is totally realistic. When you are attached for something you want to have it with your while you are traveling. When it comes to hammocks you can use it for camping instead of a tent, or you can just bring it for pleasure in nature. Traveling can ruin a lot of things, but there are ways to keep your hammock safe from harm.

If you want you hammock to last longer be sure to remember well how it came to you from the store. This way you’ll know what is the best way to pack it back again without destroying it. Also, using this method of packing hammock won’t take too much space in your luggage or backpack. If the hammock came with the bag that fits its size, don’t throw it away. Put it somewhere safe so you can always find it in case you want to take it with you.


Depending on the material your hammock is made of you should know how to keep it safe. Different materials react differently on the climate, surrounding and means of the trip. If it’s cotton you should know not to put it near any liquids. When cotton gets wet it can rot after a while and the only thing you could do is throw your hammock away. If it’s nylon you can put it away from windows so it can’t be exposed to the sun too much. Parachute nylon is durable, but not indestructible. Sun can cause cracks in it and lead to its deterioration. Since hammock is not made of fragile materials the best way to protect it would be by putting them in the middle of your stuff. This way it will be covered by other stuff that can handle being on the sun or wet environment.

If you are going to unpack it and pack it back again a few times during your trip be sure not to rush things up. Take your time and be gentle with you hammock. This way you’ll prevent it from ripping and tearing. When you are in a hurry there is a good chance you’ll also forget some of its pieces and you won’t be able to assemble it back again next time.

Last, but not least is keeping your hammock clean. Be sure to check if there are some stains or wet spots on it every time you are getting ready to take it somewhere. If the hammock is packed for too long it can get a strange odor or mold on it.

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