5 styles of hammocks: What is the right style for you

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Welcome to the world of hedonism where laying around something comfy is one of the main activities. If you look back in the time you’ll see pillows and hammocks are one of the most beautiful things that could happen to our backs, necks and heads. So, if you would like to try and get some real relaxation using hammock read this guide to pleasure very carefully. These are the most popular styles of hammock out there, one of them must suit you for sure.

1.    Rope hammock

Rope hammockSimple and classy in the same time. One of the most affordable hammocks on the market. It’s made of two wooden planks with ropes going through them. The rope is usually made of cotton or hemp, ensuring comfortable swinging around. They can be put wherever you like. Knots of the ropes gently massage your back and since there are more holes than cloth your skin can breathe perfectly.

2.    Brazilian hammock

Brazilian hammockMade of heavy woven cotton this type of hammock is very warm, so almost anyone will fall asleep instantly. In a way, they are similar to the rope hammocks, but the holes are smaller and the density of the strings is bigger. There are no wooden planks so you’ll get that cocoon look once you lay on it. This way you’ll be stable without a chance of rolling around or falling down. Another benefit of having a Brazilian hammock is their durability. With minimum maintenance, you’ll be able to use one of these for years.

3.    Mayan hammock

Mayan hammockThis style of hammock does not use stretcher bars so they literally wrap you inside once you lay on them. No matter if you are big or small they will shape by the line of your body. Traditionally they are made of cotton, but nowadays you can find nylon ones as well. The thing that didn’t change is their bright color and diamond shaped pattern.

4.    Nicaraguan hammock

 Nicaraguan hammockNicaraguan hammock is considered the most comfortable in the world because they are made of two layers of cotton. They are a bit wider than other hammocks as well so there is space for more than one person to lay on them. The pattern on them is colorful and weird shaped. They are good for both outdoor and indoor usage and also for a different climate. The only downside is that they are made of 100 percent natural cotton. Yes, this is great for your skin, but if you put it outside you’ll have to take care of it so the ropes don’t rot from the weather.

5.    Camping hammock

Camping hammockThe name tells it all, it’s more of the hammock for adventuristic people and they can’t be mounted inside. Usually, they are made of parachute nylon and come with a bug net on it. Not that much of the comfort, but definitely the safest one out there. Some of these hammocks are huge and they more look like floating tents than resting pads.


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